Thursday, July 21, 2011

Alhamdulillah,..HE Absolutely Will Never Ever Break HIS Promise...

With the name of ALLAH  The Most Gracious and Most Merciful... Assalamualaikum and good day everyone... Today I wanna talk about One who will never break His promise... I remembered what my lecturer told me about 'rezeki'... She said that, in others' 'rezeki', they will be yours too and in yours, they will be others' too... Do you get it..?? Okay2, I'll give you a very2 simple example but we tend to not really see it...

e.g; Your father gets his pay monthly right..??
And every time he gets it, he will or tends to buy things for you and your family, right..?
I know that it is an obligation to him but try to think if he does not do that...
Will you be able to stay alive up until now and buy all the things that you like..?
And have you ever see a person or a father that does not perform his responsibility as such that
causes his life to be in a very unhappy way...
Meaning that he is not happy about his life, the money no matter how much it is, will never be enough for him even he is a CEO of something2...

Try to think about that it... As for me, today is a very 'blessedful' day for me... HE keeps HIS promise till the end... Alhamdulillah... Allahamdulillah... Alhamdulillah... I'll never get tired of saying it.. Today, I'm rained with food from my friends... I'm full all the day because of the food given by them... And while writing this, Alhamdulillah, my friend bought me a drink... ;)... Want to know the secret..?? Try to make it your habit in either treating your friend/friends something everyday or donate something everyday to someone or a group.... It doesn't necessarily must be a very expensive or costly... For example, buy them donuts or bread or drinks and for the donation, RM1 per day is also okay as long as you are sincerely doing it and not hoping something in return... HE promises us that when one is not greedy or stingy about the 'rezeki' that HE gave, HE'll gives more..;)... Try it..;)

* I have no intention of being cocky or showing here, Nauzubillahiminzalik..!! Just want to share something with my dearest readers...

** Take care of your heart, iman and not to forget your body too as we just borrow it from HIM..;)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...;)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

That Man

One man loves you
That man loves you with all his heart
Everyday like a shadow he follows you around
When that man smiles he is crying on the inside

How much longer
Do I have to just look at you alone
This love like the wind
This worthless love
If I keep trying will it make you fall in love with me
come a little bit closer
Just a little bit
I'm the one who loves you
Right now by your side
That man is crying

That man is very shy

So he learned how to laugh
There is so much that can't be said even amongst close friends
That man's heart is full of scars

So that man

Loved you because you were the same
Just another fool
Just another fool
Is it wrong to ask you to hold me once before you leave?
I want to be loved..its true
Every day inside...Inside his heart...He shouted and
That man is by your side again today

Do you know that I'm that man?

You wouldn't act this way if you knew
You wouldn't know because you're a fool

How much longer

Do I have to look at you like this alone?
This stupid love
This worthless love
If I keep trying will it make you fall in love with me
come a little bit closer
Just a little bit
If I take one step forward you take two steps back
I'm the one who loves you
Right now by your side
That man is crying


You're not the one
That I can share something with
It's not because you'll tell others
But due to the distance between us

You're not the one
That I'll run and hug
When I look for comfort
Because of your firmness


You are the one
That I'll share my love with
For the rest of my life
As you are my only Papa

You are the one
That I’ll look for
When I need to make decisions
Every time and everyday
As you are the one that I look up


No matter what happen
Past is past
Tomorrow is a new day
Hope for the better

I'm praying for you day and night
Wishing His Blessings and Love
Will be felt and reached you
Now, in this world and hereafter.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Hadirmu, Denganmu, Pergimu dan Tanpamu

Membawa cahaya menerangi bumi,
Sinarannya menjadi petanda paradigma dunia,
Hingga terhapus sang api yang menyala maraknya,
Inilah saat yang dinantikan oleh semua,

Dimensi menjadi terang dan bercahaya,
Yang gelap kini mula memiliki warna,
Yang busuk kini sewangi kasturi,
Yang durjana kini menjadi perwira agama,

Membawa separuh cahaya bersama,
Ditangisi oleh sekalian semesta,
Sayu hati temanmu tidak terperi,
Namun hakikat harus diterima,

Dunia semakin kehilangan warnanya,
Wangian kasturi semakin menghilang,
Hanya peninggalanmu menjadi pedoman,
Pengubat rindu hati yang satu.