Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Entry For 2010 last entry for 2010...Hopefully la yer...hehe...My new goals for 2011...??what are they..??what are they..??actually i wanted to follow islam's timeline, but due to my own lacking of something, i failed to do that...i regret it so much...huhu...

These are my goals for 2011..

1)Get better attitude and be more loving and caring towards my family especially (<3)
2)Get healthier/slimmer...( ;P )
3)Get great achivement in anything that i join
4)No more love story-mory (fed up)
5)Save money/No more buying clothes (say NO!)
6)Buy bicycle (bro BAJI don't forget)
7)Be less loud (haha)
8)Change handphone (broken already)

*InsyaALLAH I can achieve all my goals...Amin...(^_^)...By the way..I would like to apologise deeply from my heart to everyone if i have make any wrong doings consciously or unconsciously...'To err is human'...Asif...

*By the,addition based on my opinion...Just for fun..Think about it..  

Mcm mne nk plh psgn anda...
1)agama(plg pntg n utama)

Agama pntg sbb ia adalah tunjang kpd sgalanya...nk taw mcm mne dier layak x,lau dier mampu mengimamkan solat kita...insyaALLAH...=)
harta bg nabilah bukan brape juta ringgit or brpe ekar tnh yg dier ader
tetapi pekerjaan utk memastikan dier mampu menyara keluarga dier
keturunan di sini bg nabilahla
mcm ustazah nabilah ckp
crilah seseorang dr keluarga yg adik-bradiknya ramai
insyaALLAH kesuburan terjamin dan
dlm mse yg sme umt islam jgk akn bertambah
cantik/paras rupa
bonus tue
lau dpt yg hensem tue bonus
tp hensem pon x bwk ke mne
janji yg x sakit mate memandang da cukup

pendapatku..x smestinyer btol...kan3..??;P


  1. bie,be yourself dear.nti duk sebilik ngn ak kan?hehe.tau la ak cmne nk handle mok cik sorg ni.

  2. hehe,..taw x per..jom porak-perandakan bilik mu...hehe...