Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lets SaVe PaLeStInE!!

This morning....i went to kuliah dhuha n i was touched by something said by the Faci@Mejar old man aged 70 something,with only 2 fingers left on his right hand and who is using a fake leg@kaki palsu,went to see him and said; "Mejar,sy nk jd sukarelawan untuk Palestine" tears was just waiting to break the dam...huhu...if he could said that,what about me..???it makes me ponder...huhu...i've been living a quite comfortable life,but what about my relatives in Palestine..???can they do the same thing i do..???for example,blogging..??malay people say; Jauh panggang dari api...huhu...Alhamdulillah Ya ALLAH,atas nikmat yang dikurniakan...Jangan pernah Kau pesongkan hati aku dan umat ISLAM lain the way,i managed to get something from the talk,there are many ways to contribute and help Palestine...Donation and Prayers are some of them...Furthermore,"Doa adalah senjata orang mukmin"...for further info,go to

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