Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My MeNtAL LeVeL..?????

Well,everyone has his/her own mental level state right..???sometimes we feel like killing people,sometimes we feel like hanging someone or even our ownselves,sometimes we feel like everything is good even it is not good,sometimes we feel like everything is on the right path,sometimes we feel everything is in correct order,sometimes we feel like crying all day,sometimes we feel like shouting at everyone and sometimes we feel nothing...NOTHING....huhu...those stated are just examples...but some of them are quite true...the truth is,mentally,i feel tired,exhausted and all...huhu...even phisically,i can fell the fatiugeness...huhu...i miss the old times...the time where i dont have to be thIS tired...huhu...

Moral : My mental level is in CRITICAL stake!!!=(

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